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Dnipropetrovsk Oblast


It was necessary to design a country house located in the picturesque suburbs of the Dnieper, bringing nature and architecture.


2  floors

planning  features

The planning structure is designed in such a way as to form a living room, terrace, hammam and sleeping area around the pool, but at the same time provide the interiors with natural light. On the second floor there is also a sleeping block with direct access to the pool and an office with a small balcony. All engineering systems are erected in the basement space. The project of the house envisages ventilation of the premises by a supply and exhaust system with air recovery. Reduction of heat consumption is achieved through the use of energy-saving glazing, maximum insulation and sealing of the building around the perimeter.


stylistic  features

The dominant horizontal theme is supported by a wide attic, glazing, as well as smaller elements of the facade - slats and fencing structures of terraces and balconies.


Oleksiy Merkushev

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