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260 m


Dnipropetrovsk Oblast


It was necessary to design a cottage  for a large family.


1  floor

planning  features

The cottage is divided into common and sleeping areas. Placing the sleeping part of the house on the ground floor prevents overheating in summer, as well as cooling, respectively, in winter. The common area consists of a hall combined with a living room, a kitchen-dining room with access to the terrace, an office, a bathroom and a wardrobe. The sleeping area consists of three bedrooms with private bathrooms, as well as saunas combined with a hall. All stained glass windows are directed to the site, opening a panoramic view of the premises.

stylistic  features

The cottage is built in a modern style with the use of classic building materials, as well as modern facade systems. Located on an active terrain, which allows you to more organically fit it into the environment with panoramic views. The presence of relief makes it possible to concisely distribute the functional areas of landscaping. All supporting elements are stylistically subordinated to the cottage.


Oleksiy Merkushev, Pavlo Kulaha

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