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Dnipropetrovsk Oblast


It was necessary to design a country house located in the suburbs of the Dnieper, combining nature and architecture.


1  floor

planning  features

The planning of the site and its improvement are developed based on the formed relief and placement of trees on the site. The cottage is a linear rectangular shape with a flat roof, divided in height into two volumes, but combined into one structure with vertical elements and the slope of the terrace on the rear facade. This solution allowed to maximize the view of the area from each living room of the house, forming a sleeping block in a reduced volume, which is 3 m high. In the elevated block, which is 3.5 m high, there is a kitchen-studio with subsequent transition to the terrace. All technical rooms were grouped along the western facade.


stylistic  features

The dominant horizontal theme is supported by a wide attic, glazing, as well as smaller elements of the facade - slats and fencing structures of terraces and balconies.


Oleksiy Merkushev

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