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United Arab Emirates


It was necessary to develop a refined interior design of a villa for a young family in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


2  floors

stylistics  elements

The interior combines both elements of classic design and details of modern minimalism. Marble stairs are combined with frameless glass handrails. The classic ceiling cornice is successfully combined with built-in track lights. Even when choosing marble, we used the classic pattern of white marble and the current Ceppo di Gre. Once again it is necessary to pay attention to finishing of a floor: a combination of a marble floor with an inlay of a brass profile and a parquet board. Choosing a fairly concise pattern, we get a modern reading of the classic marble floors. For the integrity of the interior, we have identified three main components: wood, brass and marble. These materials are used in finishing walls and floors, as well as furniture: Rimadesio Wind brass shelves, Baxter LAGOS dining table, ModernRail lamps. Work with textiles adds coziness: carpets, textured upholstered furniture. The restrained scale of colors in finishing materials is favorably combined with color accents in textiles. Minotti green velvet sofa in the living room fits perfectly into the interior and became its highlight. We withstood its bright color, adding green accents in the textiles of other rooms. The key to a beautiful interior is always the joint work of the designer and the client.




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