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250 m




The main idea is maximum space and light! Develop a project that would be an example of the implementation of this idea.


2  floors

planning  features

The spaces of the kitchen-studio, entrance area and technical rooms are located on the first level. The planning decision is designed in such a way as to form a connection between the premises. In this case, the dining area, terrace and pool, located on the site, were combined into one functional group. The terrace can be transformed into a completely enclosed space thanks to glass sliding partitions. The sleeping block is located on the second floor and faces a plot with an incredible view of the landscape!

stylistic  features

The relief of the site played a major role in the concept of the image. Natural factors have limited the location of the spot of the house, but managed to choose a good location, emphasizing the beauty and flexibility of the landscape!


Oleksiy Merkushev

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