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Develop an interior in a complex with architecture that allows you to think through every detail during the construction phase.


2  floors

planning  features

Large area of glazing, high ceilings, doorways to the entire height of the room - all this allowed to expand the space and make the surrounding landscape an integral part of the interior.

The house has two floors, as well as a basement with technical facilities. This helped us to successfully zone the space: not to cross common areas and recreation areas. On the ground floor there is a living room with a kitchen and an office, ie a room where the family can gather together and meet guests. Bedrooms and children's rooms are located on the second floor, which insulates them from unnecessary noise.


stylistics  elements

The main idea of the interior - in contrasting combinations of details. The white color is emphasized by graphic elements in black: plinth, all fittings, Treemme faucets, plumbing and spectacular Axo Light chandeliers in combination with built-in Delta Light tracks. Contrast makes this interior much more interesting, and the neutral color scheme gives it lightness.

Here you can relax by the fireplace in a bright spacious living room with a greenhouse under the stairs. And also to hold a business meeting in a more restrained office, which combines large-format porcelain Apavisa and Marazzi with exquisite ebony. Versatility is an integral part of a comfortable interior.



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